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Since 2013, reality TV enthusiasts have been captivated by the addictive series "Below Deck." As the title suggests, the show follows the different crews on luxurious yachts as they charter trips for the wealthy and fabulous. However, the real meat of the show is the juicy drama between the deckhands, stews, and on-board chef. Since its premiere on Bravo, the series has become a sleeper hit, spawning several spin-offs, including "Below Mediterranean," "Below Deck Sailing Yacht," and "Below Deck Down Under." When reflecting on its success, Bravo head Andy Cohen told Bravo Insider: "I was like, 'get a bunch more boats in the water,' because I realized this could go on with different casts and different groups and different boats." Captain Lee Rosbach — who has appeared in all 10 seasons of the original series — echoed similar sentiments in an interview with The Guardian. "It's Downton Abbey on the water. A lot of people thought this would be the death of the yachting industry, but that hasn't happened," he explained.

While the "Below Deck" universe has gained immense popularity due to its shocking drama and hilarious ship hijinks, the franchise has also been lauded for featuring some of reality TV's most attractive stars, from Chef Ileisha Dell to deckhand Alex Prospon, the respective casts of the show's various iterations have certainly brought the heat to fans worldwide. With the end of summer, we wanted to highlight some of the best-sunkissed photos from "Below Deck's" finest.

Lead Deckhand Luka Brunton gets dirty with sunset motorbike pics

When it comes to sizzling "Below Deck" stars, Luka Brunton is definitely at the top of the list. The New Zealand native first made waves with reality TV fans in the second season of "Below Deck: Down Under," when he joined the crew as a new lead deckhand. "He's a beauty queen. That's crazy. Have you seen his eyelashes?" Margot Sisson said in a confessional on the show. In addition to wowing fans on the hit show, Luka has captivated his Instagram followers with lush summer snaps in exotic locations. In June, the young star uploaded a series of shirtless photos from his trip to Bali, Indonesia, which featured him riding a dirt bike in the countryside. "CRF sunset," he wrote. Fortunately, fans will be able to see more of Luka in "Below Deck: Meddirataren," Season 8.

Hayley De Sola Pinto soaks in the LA heat in poolside photo

Since making her debut on "Below Deck" Season 10, fans have fallen in love with Hayley De Sola Pinto's unapologetic and wild personality. "People would describe me as a sensational, stunning, hot mess crazy b***h,"she said in a teaser for the show. Hayley's iconic self-description can be seen in some of her recent summer snapshots on Instagram. On August 1, the young talent uploaded a selfie featuring her soaking in some rays while lounging at a luxurious pool in Beverly Hills, California. "Having a bloody awful time," she wrote. Her time in Los Angeles was also filled with a cheeky beach trip photo session, which she captioned: "Good day, sunshine."

Ben Willoughby explores Crete, Greece in speedo clad snapshot

For Ben Willoughby, having fun in the sun seems to be a year-round affair, perfect for his yachtingcareer. According to his bio on Bravo's website, Ben is "a social guy who firmly believes, 'a Pina Colada is always a good decision,' Ben is eager to bring the party on board." Even outside of his time as a lead deckhand, Ben is shown living his best life, especially this past summer. At the end of August, the hunky fitness trainer and deckhand uploaded plenty of photos from his European excursions in Italy and the Greek Isles, including one of him donning budgiesmugglers. "Back to Basics in Greece. Swimming has taught me so much and also taken me many places around the world, a true lifelong skill," he wrote. It's safe to say he had a fun summer.

Natalya Scudder sizzles during her summer travels

When describing the summer months, only one word comes to mind: "fun." From amusem*nt park visits to long pool days, there is an array of activities that people worldwide use to escape the heat and take in some R&R. However, one activity that can be argued as the definition of summer is going to the beach, which seems to be a favorite pastime for "Below Deck: Mediterranean" star Natalya Scudder. Back in July, the reality TV talent shared a few snapshots of her traversing the beach in Tulum, Mexico. "Sometimes, all I think about is you," she wrote in one of her captions. While we don't know if her caption is alluding toher past romance with her "Below Deck" co-star Storm Smith, we do know that the photo is giving us serious FOMO. Going to the beach isn't the only activity Scudder embarked on this past summer. In August, she posted a photo lounging on a luxurious yacht in Miami Beach. "This Aussie girl does love a boat day," she wrote.

Nathan Morley catches some waves in Costa Rica

If you're a fan of "Below Deck: Adventure," then you certainly know who Nathan Morely is. The traveling enthusiast first made waves with viewers in the show's inaugural season as an experienced, fun-loving deckhand. While his time on the series was full of ups and downs due to his volatile work relationship with Kyle Dickard, he seemingly left the drama behind during his vacation in Costa Rica. Traveling with his "Below Deck" castmate Kaise Faddah, the young TV star participated in various activities, including beach trips, waterfall excursions, and even surfing sessions. "Just keep LIVIN," he wrote in one of his Instagram posts. Excuse us while we stew with jealousy over Nathan's vacay.

Chef Ileisha Dell gets sandy while lounging on the beach

When she's not creating delicious meals for the guests and her fellow crewmates, Ileisha Dell is spending her time traveling the world and soaking in the sun. Hailing from Australia, the experienced chef has spent the summer months traveling to places like Greece, Italy, and even her native country –which was experiencing a warm winter season. In one of her recent Instagram posts, Ileisha showed off her beach trip in Évdhilos, Greece, with the caption: "O' sunshine." It's safe to say that Ileisha didn't think about the "Below Deck" chef life this past summer.

Alex Propson cools off with some juicy watermelon

Since the inception of the "Below Deck" universe, the franchise has delivered non-stop drama, chaotic guests, and hunky deckhands like Alex Prospon. Since making his debut on "Below Deck Sailing Yacht" Season 4, the Florida-based model has been a hit with viewers due to his free-spirited attitude, fit psychic, and dreamy eyes. In addition to his time on the series, the self-proclaimed "Nauti Man" has also made waves this summer for his various shirtless selfies. In July, Alex cooled off from the heat with half a of watermelon, which is his favorite fruit. "Everyone's favorite watermelon-eating pirate checking in to say TGIF," he wrote while delivering his best smolder to the camera. "Make sure to get yourself some sunshine and a melon this weekend." Is it just us, or does a watermelon suddenly sound really good?

Margot Sisson take a break from the ocean to frolic on the river bank

The second season of "Below Deck Down Under" has been a very intense journey for Margot Sisson, who was almost fired for drinking on the job and involved in an alarming incident with former crewmate Luke Jones. Since wrapping up the season, it's safe to say that she deserves a relaxing vacation after returning to port. Thankfully, that's what Margot has been up to this summer. At the end of August, the reality TV star and a group of her friends headed to an undisclosed river for some much-needed R&R. "River? I hardly know her!"she wrote. Alongside her caption, Margot included photos of the picturesque scenery and a couple of selfies on the sand.

Harry Van Vilet soaks in the rays in the clear blue sea

Another "Below Deck Down Under" star that soaked in every last bit of summer is Harry Van Vilet. Since appearing in the series, the Australian native has charmed viewers with his goofy personality and his enthusiastic feelings for traveling. Towards the end of August, Harry shared with fans his plans for the rest of the summer. "Looking forward to spending some time in Sydney next week, it will be great to see the old stomping grounds,"he wrote. "Then on to Hawaii, the US and England stayed tuned." Like many of his photos on Instagram, the aforementioned photo featured a few shots of him smiling while shirtless on a boat.


9 Photos Of Below Deck Stars Bringing The Heat This Summer - Nicki Swift (2024)
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