250+ TikTok Usernames That Could Go Viral (2024)

By Holly Riordan

We’ll examine how to pick a username and give you a variety of inspirational starting points for choosing a good and creative TikTok username.

TikTok Usernames Introduction

TikTok has proven that it is here to stay along with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat. With over 1 billion users and an exponential growth rate, it is important to see the social media platform as an asset to both individuals and brands. If you’ve been thinking about starting a TikTok account, it is essential that you start it off with a solid foundation. This means crafting a username that illustrates the kind of content, value, or brand identity that you’re representing on the platform. If you’re about to start a TikTok account, take these tips into consideration before you come up with potential TikTok usernames:

250+ TikTok Usernames That Could Go Viral (3)

Tip 1: Ask Yourself What Kind Of Content You Are Passionate About. What Content Will You Consistently Be Able To Produce?

When first starting a TikTok, ask yourself what kind of content you want to provide your audience with. Are you going to be creating videos that are based on your individual lifestyle, and your personality? Or are you going to create the kind of content that is based around a passion of yours, like fashion, comedy, food, etc? Or, are you a business owner trying to drive sales to your products, focusing more on a commerce-based account? The first step to locking down a good TikTok name starts with getting very clear on what you want to achieve with your account.

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Because the TikTok algorithm works differently than most social media platforms, it is important to create an account that you know you will be inspired to produce content for. TikTok is not a low lift platform. It requires a lot of consistency and content volume to really establish your account. Ask yourself what kind of content you can dedicate yourself to producing 3-5 times a day. This will be your niche, and from there, you can craft your username.

Tip 2: Creating Your Username Based On Your Content Goals.

If You Want To Create A Personal / Spam Account:

If your TikTok is going to be dedicated to documenting your personal life, and you want to keep it casual, and not directly related to your name for privacy reasons —try crafting a username that incorporates your nickname. This is what a lot of users refer to as a ‘spam’ account, where you can post freely and not have to worry about having your videos fit into one specific form of content.

If You Want To Align Yourself As An Expert In Your Field, Or A Content Influencer:

If your TikTok is going to be dedicated to documenting your personal life in a more serious way, where you align yourself as an expert or highly passionate creator in your field, it goes without saying that you should use your own name. If this isn’t possible due to availability issues, using a mix of your first name, middle name, and last name, in whichever combination that is obtainable, is another way to approach your personal username.

If You Want To Create Content For Your Brand:

250+ TikTok Usernames That Could Go Viral (5)

Lastly, if your TikTok account is going to be a business account, try to incorporate these elements: the name of the business, the type of business, or the area where your business is located. It is also important to keep your username consistent for all of your business social accounts. So, if you already have social handles on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, mirroring that on TikTok is essential. If that handle is not available, adding the area your business is located in can usually help, while still keeping the username consistent. For example, if Thought Catalog is not available, try ThoughtCatalogNYC.

Tip 3: Remember How People Will Find Your Content!

When creating a username, you want to ensure that someone scrolling through an endless feed of visuals will be able to understand what kind of videos they can expect from you. Remember — most TikTok users will discover you through their For You page, and they will follow you from there after clicking on your account.

250+ TikTok Usernames That Could Go Viral (6)

If you are creating a personal, expert-based, TikTok, consider adding your niche to the end of your username. For example, if you are a writer, try adding Author, or Writer to the username.

  • BiancaSparacinoWriter
  • BiancaSparacinoAuthor
  • BiancaSparacinoWrites

If you are a designer, or fashion enthusiast, you could add words like Designer, or Style to the end of your username. If you’re a chef, or a food enthusiast, you could add words like Cooks, or Bakes, to the end of your username.

  • BiancaSparacinoDesign
  • BiancaSparacinoStyle
  • BiancaSparacinoBakes
  • BiancaSparacinoCooks

Last but not least, if none of those options are available, try using your first name and aligning it with an action word in your username. For example, a designer might choose to create a username that speaks to styling or designing. A chef might create a username that speaks to cooking or learning how to cook. Think about what a series on YouTube or Netflix would be called if you aligned yourself with it. This is also a great opportunity to use your nickname, or a short form of your name — the content value will be showcased, and your audience will feel like they know you on a personal level. It adds a touch of humanity, and connection, to a username.

  • FashionWithBianca / FashionWithBee
  • CookingWithBianca / CookingWithBee
  • BiancaSparacinoBakes / BakingWithBee
  • BiancaSparacinoWrites / BeeWrites

Now that you know the different elements of a good TikTok username, we’ve compiled a list of our favorites — just in case you needed a little more inspiration.

Good TikTok Usernames

250+ TikTok Usernames That Could Go Viral (7)

If you’re going to create content on a new platform, you need a name that fits what you’re going to be posting. Here are some of the best TikTok usernames that will inspire you to create your own:

  • @pinkhaze
  • @jigglyfluff
  • @autumnfly
  • @happymelody
  • @exhalepoetry
  • @passionleaves
  • @booknostalgic
  • @girlonthego
  • @velvetrose
  • @coffeebean
  • @nightdrives
  • @lostinnature
  • @madeofart
  • @devilsun
  • @90sanxiety
  • @youthclub
  • @stoppingoffplace
  • @peopleiveloved
  • @thankyou_ok
  • @mothflower_
  • @80sarchive
  • @lettersfrombed
  • @aquaapricot
  • @tenderbooks
  • @whiskyyouth
  • @vintagefeeling
  • @escapingsoul
  • @bluemint
  • @velvetmyth
  • @theseafiles
  • @thinkingmind
  • @archivenewyork
  • @onthestreetspo
  • @vintagewitch
  • @fearfulnights
  • @espressomemories
  • @alchemyalways
  • @alwaysenough_
  • @gentlesnotes
  • @angelwords
  • @lovely_lines_
  • @cozyhomecures
  • @anartistsway
  • @withinirise
  • @thoughtfulthings_
  • @positivitypixiedust
  • @coffeebae
  • @honeyidrip
  • @KallMeKris
  • @InTheNicOfTime
  • @MirandaSings
  • @JudyGaoCouture

Aesthetic Usernames for TikTok

250+ TikTok Usernames That Could Go Viral (8)

These aesthetic TikTok usernames are a great example of how to set the right tone with the name of your account. Make sure you choose something that feels authentic to your brand but is also aesthetically pleasing. These types of usernames are perfect for more artsy and creative accounts.

  • @ourcozycorner
  • @arielglow
  • @sunrisesentences
  • @morethankind
  • @beautywithinskin
  • @magicalmoments
  • @teatimethoughts
  • @starsoulsparkles
  • @makeupmusings
  • @coffeeandfeelings
  • @homeoflove
  • @imaginarycolors
  • @bymoonsoulchild
  • @blackheartclub
  • @magicwithin
  • @sweetnotsour
  • @escapetonight
  • @candycanecuties
  • @earningdiamonds
  • @goingnowhere
  • @readersunite
  • @sleepwalkercity
  • @nightmarefuel
  • @softheartedgirls
  • @loveurbody
  • @givingback
  • @angelsonearth
  • @escapetonight
  • @VVolove

Cute TikTok Usernames

250+ TikTok Usernames That Could Go Viral (9)

Cute TikTok usernames are ideal for more playful accounts and to display your hobbies, like reading, baking, or daily journals.

  • @clearcloud
  • @flowersandpetals
  • @mistyrivers
  • @onmyownplanet
  • @queenslayers
  • @ghostangels
  • @underwaterelegance
  • @unloyalroyals
  • @diamondtulips
  • @kingsandqueens
  • @dimplesanddolls
  • @sparklesandcream
  • @lovelyromantic
  • @gardensoil
  • @poemsandposes
  • @silentswag
  • @rainbowraindrops
  • @papersinhand
  • @magicalmisfits
  • @wanderingwizards
  • @eternallovers
  • @throughgalaxies
  • @dreamingaloud
  • @well.necessitiess
  • @urstardust
  • @beautifulbeliever
  • @alwayshoping
  • @dontlosehope
  • @stargazingglory
  • @positivevibesonly
  • @smilethoughit
  • @harmonyhealers
  • @unbreakableoptimist
  • @umadeithere
  • @pinkchampagne

Best Funny Usernames For TikTok

250+ TikTok Usernames That Could Go Viral (10)

Aesthetic usernames don’t have to be serious and moody. They can be fun and clever. If you’re about to start a TikTok account, look through these TikTok names for some unique ideas. They might spark something special.

  • @exmaterial
  • @olderthanu
  • @dumpsterfires
  • @takenbywine
  • @hopelesscynic
  • @simplyscrolling
  • @typomaster
  • @realnametaken
  • @coffeedrunk
  • @barbiesbreath
  • @diggingforgold
  • @prettymesses
  • @notfunnynothot
  • @drama_king
  • @hotnotbothered
  • @validateme
  • @princesscharming
  • @tequilamockingbird
  • @hotgirlbummer
  • @smilelines
  • @nosouls
  • @familydisappointment
  • @pika_me
  • @thirstydevils
  • @bornbadatlife
  • @poeticprison
  • @hurricanebrain
  • @graveyardkisses
  • @sweetnotsour
  • @blackheartclub
  • @nightmarefuel
  • @alienonearth
  • @overthinkingIRL
  • @skullsparkles
  • @prettyinpurple
  • @guitarheroin
  • @dontdateme
  • @couchqueens
  • @troublemakers
  • @lostandconfused

Unique Usernames For TikTok

Here are some cute usernames that are perfect for humorous accounts. If your goal is to make your followers laugh, go with something silly. Make it obvious that you’re on the platform to cause smiles, not drama.

  • @silentswag
  • @destinysgrandchild
  • @missmistakes
  • @slowandfurious
  • @onceuponacrime
  • @runawaygroom
  • @selfishstranger
  • @heartbreakersanonymous
  • @staceysmom
  • @extraguac
  • @asleepatthekeyboard
  • @reesewitherknife
  • @attentionhog
  • @ratedPG
  • @femaleromeo
  • @borntocry
  • @cozytoes
  • @thorsgirl
  • @teardropkisses
  • @furreal
  • @burntbangs
  • @wildanddumb
  • @contourcuties
  • @borrowedtime
  • @deadtome
  • @hatethegame
  • @tigerkittens
  • @undertheD
  • @professionaldrunk
  • @scoobydont
  • @blushingbabes
  • @heartstopper
  • @freakinthestreets
  • @hellonearth
  • @blacksheepbabes
  • @ghostflame
  • @lovenotlust
  • @alphaladies
  • @silentlips
  • @onlyinvegas

Hilariously Awesome Tiktok Usernames

250+ TikTok Usernames That Could Go Viral (11)

Ideas are everywhere. Feel free to draw inspiration from the world around you — or from the list of cool usernames below. If you see something you like and it’s already taken, you can always riff of the idea to create your own unique version. Get creative! The more artistic you are, the better you’ll do on the platform.

  • @internetinfamous
  • @princessbridezillas
  • @ufoenthusiasts
  • @trashcanqueens
  • @donewithu
  • @teddybearcuddles
  • @neverontime
  • @stillsleeping
  • @gigglingdisaster
  • @pineapplepizza
  • @aspiringinfluencer
  • @wherearemyfriends
  • @boredtoteardrops
  • @silentstares
  • @unicorntakeover
  • @racooneyed
  • @tiredandtorn
  • @hamstermom
  • @goofballnation
  • @nowherefast
  • @sherlockbones
  • @dearestdeers
  • @freefistbumps
  • @toxichottie
  • @ontheprowl
  • @cloutchasers
  • @dazedfordays
  • @wizardsquad
  • @commaqueen
  • @leatherandchains
  • @honeyvegan
  • @lordofthetok
  • @yummydisaster
  • @grammargoddess
  • @shadesofgrey
  • @silentscreams
  • @prettyoutlaw
  • @avoidaftermidnight
  • @tattoosandtacos
  • @deadlikeflies

Have fun with your TikTok!

Your username on TikTok is an important part of your identity on the social media platform. However, it’s just one component. Making sure your username ties in with your niche and you regularly post on TikTok is the key to long-term success and viral videos. So just pick your username, go have fun, and make great videos. And, if at the end of the day, it doesn’t work out, it’s very easy to change your name on TikTok or just start a new account, so no pressure.

250+ TikTok Usernames That Could Go Viral (2024)
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