Donald Glover and Jordan The Stallion link up for lookalike TikTok (2024)

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Childish Gambino turns to TikTok with help from Growish Gambino to promote his new single "Lithonia."

ByTim Marcin on

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Credit: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Multihypenate talent Donald Glover, who just dropped his new single "Lithonia," can add another accomplishment to his resume: a major collaboration on TikTok. OK, so it's not necessarily the same as the award-winning series Atlanta, but Glover teamed up with TikTokker @Jordan_The_Stallion8 to film a video joking about the fact that many folks seem to think they look alike.

If you're unfamiliar with Glover, well, where have you been? He's a movie and TV star, an accomplished musician under the moniker Childish Gambino, and a brilliant writer and creator. If you're unfamiliar with Jordan The Stallion, his real name is Jordan Howlett, and, well, that's a bit more understandable. But he's a very popular TikTokker, known for his hot takes, bringing awareness to food "secrets," and ranting in front of his bathroom mirror.

And folks seem to think these two men look alike. I don't see it, but the TikTok playing off that fact on Howlett's account has already racked up some 11 million views.

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The TikTok itself is pretty funny. It starts with Glover copying Howlett's signature style and then both revealing themselves on frame in the same outfit. The video features a couple of playful jokes like "Grownish Gambino" and Glover lamenting the fact that people ask him for ridiculous recipes. It's a funny TikTok, and it's obviously gone wildly viral.

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However, it just goes to show how powerful a platform TikTok has become. Consider the fact that a major Hollywood star is teaming up to make jokes with a popular TikTokker. Sure, it probably has a lot to do with the fact that Glover is promoting his upcoming album, Bando Stone & The New World, but promoting that album on TikTok is as powerful a tool as anything else.


Donald Glover and Jordan The Stallion link up for lookalike TikTok (2)

Tim Marcin

Tim Marcin is a culture reporter at Mashable, where he writes about food, fitness, weird stuff on the internet, and, well, just about anything else. You can find him posting endlessly about Buffalo wings on Twitter at @timmarcin.

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Donald Glover and Jordan The Stallion link up for lookalike TikTok (2024)
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